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Consistency in lab techniques and procedures is crucial for reproducible research results.

Lambda U™ courses are designed for brand new students, seasoned pros who need a refresher, and everyone in between. Modular course designs allow you to learn what you need and get to work.

Current course offerings are listed below.

Current Lambda U™ Course Offerings:

Free Introduction to Western Blotting Series

The flagship series establishing standards procedures in labs around the world.

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Basics: Master the foundations of Western blotting, including sample prep, gel prep, and electrotransfer.

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Chemiluminescence Detection: Learn best practices for blocking, antibody incubation, and detection using chemiluminescence.

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Near-Infrared Detection: Get insights into blocking, antibody incubation, and detection using near-infrared fluorescence.

New The Importance of Antibodies Series

Courses designed to equip you with the right tools for successful antibody selection to positively impact your research.

$59 per course or $99 for the 2-part series.

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Antibody Ins and Outs: Learn about the fundamental components and characteristics of primary and secondary antibodies.

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Antibody Selection: Learn more about what to take into consideration when selecting the antibodies for your experiment.

Free Laboratory Techniques

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Get back to basics with serial dilutions, concentration calculations, and proper control sample usage.

Meeting Western Blot Publication and Grant Funding Requirements Series

Advanced topics designed to take your research to the next level. Consists of a free introductory course and a 7-part mini-series on advanced topics.

$99 per course or $499 for the 7-part series.

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Free Introduction to Quantitative Western Blotting: Understand what a qualitative Western blot is, what it is not, and how it differs from a qualitative Western blot.

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Quantitative Western Blot Analysis with Replicate Samples: Learn this critical step of quantitative blot analysis, including a discussion of technical versus biological replicates and how to incorporate replication into your experiments.

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Antibody Validation: Learn how specificity, selectivity, and reproducibility affect antibody choice and why this matters for your experiments.

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Linear Range for Quantitative Western Blots: Master the concepts of linear and dynamic range and how they play a significant role in getting high quality, reliable data.

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Normalization Strategies: Learn about the importance of normalization in maintaining robust experiment design and how to perform it using three different strategies.

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Data Analysis and Basic Quantification: Draw meaningful conclusions from your data by improving your analytical skillset and take your research to the next level.

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Publishing Western Blot Data: Learn about the most important considerations for getting published, including the peer review process, formatting, and the importance of journal selection.

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